If you have more questions that you wish answered, pop them into an email here 

Do you need an email address

Only for our data records for ownership or membership run out but it is not required so it is up to you. 

If your date runs out, then you can come and renew it at Shop 4, Cascade Walk, Nelson Bay and yes we can take cash. 

We don't like cashless too much, either.

No app needed?

Correct! You don't need to download an app and open it up and have it scanned. Just show your card and that's it.

Like most of us, we do not want to give away our data to the big nationals and have big brother following us around.

You can stay as anonymous as you like. 

Just remember to renew your card when your date runs out and yes, we will take cash as payment as well as card payment or even bank transfer

How do I get my reward

If a local business is showing a poster with their reward on it, then you will be able to just show your card to claim your reward.

Why do we do it

Even though small business is the backbone of the economy, the very nature of SB promotion is fragmented, unlike supermarkets or shopping centres, where everything is in one central place.

We like to gel the fragments together, so promotion can be in a format away from the big American social media giants.

What do you do with my information

We only require basic information, so that we know when cards expire and who owns them.
If you have given us your email address, then we may send out monthly updates. Otherwise, just go to our home page or scan the QR code which will also take you there.
We will never sell your information and our database is  encrypted to world standards, not just Australian standards

Is it free for businesses

It is completely free for a business to join us and they choose what they wish to offer the locals as a reward. We then promote all of the businesses together.

All we ask the business owner is to buy one years membership, so that they can also experience the benefits of being a member.

How long does membership last

Your membership lasts as long as the date displayed on the card. As our special cards are re usable ones, when your date has expired, come and renew your yearly membership for a new date display

Previous achievements

Our team has been involved in local business promotion for over 25 years and we have run a similar scheme, when we were based on the Central Coast. 

One business in our last venture, increased their turnover by over $360,000 and switched their entire promotional card system over to ours. 

Can I claim as many times as I want

Yes, the only restrictions are decided by the business owner. For example, $1.00 off a coffee is only available for each individual card owner. If ordering 2 coffees but only one card holder, then you will only get $1.00 off of one coffee.

What is NFC

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and each of our cards contains an NFC chip in the middle of them.
They are a passive chip that enables us to add information on the card so we know some basic details on ownership.
Even though these cards use the same technology as Tap n Pay cards, they cannot be used for payments etc, only word or link storage