We created www.mylocalcard.au as a way to help local businesses promote themselves as a collective group, rather than as a fragmented group.

Website examples include this site, as well as www.davidbones.au and www.loveps.au  plus our site which we built for the Dolphin and Whale Watching Booking Agency called www.loveps.au which is the most popular website used by visitors.

This site was created for visitors, who are in Port Stephens here and now. The way it is promoted is through drink coaster promotions and by replacing the 80 different leaflets that businesses use to attract customers. Drink coasters are 100% recyclable, whilst printed brochures and leaflets are not. 

By using our concepts and ideas, the Booking Agency was able to reduce the 300,000 bits of printed material that they used to hand out to zero and we believe that this was a world first. Imagine that! A world first in Nelson Bay. A brave move but now a highly successful move.

We can create visual advertising at a fraction of the costs you would have had to pay using the old fashioned methods