Need a Side Hustle?

We are a small but enthusiastic team at My Local Card and we want our cards to reach far and wide.

We know times can get tough in the household budget and sometimes a little bit extra added, can go a long way, in helping smooth out the lumps and bumps that can come our way.

We are always looking out for likewise thinkers, who wish to help their local community come together, using our methodology to do this. 

As our cards are generic, our reward system can be used in any adjoining areas and still offer the one card holder the opportunity to be rewarded further away than just their local immediate area.
If you think that you could attract 20 local businesses to join in and then sell our cards, we would interested in meeting up and working out how we can help you achieve this.
We offer all the support you need to become a local area rep with limited restrictions.

You may be a person:

The areas we are looking for reps for are:

Anna Bay, Boat Harbour, Corlette, Fingal Bay, Fishermans Bay, Heatherbrae, Karuah, Lemon Tree Passage, Mallabula, Nelson Bay, One Mile, Oyster Cove, Raymond Terrace, Salamander Bay, Shoal Bay, Soldiers Point, Swan Bay, Tanilba Bay and Taylors Beach.